Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Year's Resolution Crowd.

I went to the gym after work tonight to work out and it was wall to wall people. So many good intentions; running, walking, crawling, lifting, pushups, this machine, that machine. I wonder how long it will all last. It's been this way since New Year's Day.

Today's Workout: 30 minutes fast walk, I do this to wind down after a long day at work for the most part, and to ease my way into my workout. 35 minutes on the bike, Interval Day. 1 minute 105-110RPM hard and fast, 4 minute rest between at 90-95RPM one notch down on the tension, I didn't check wattage tonight, repeat this 5 times. 10 minutes hard rowing while I wait for the elliptical machines to clear out. 30 minutes on the elliptical. Done. It's a pretty uncomplicated workout but after I'm done I'm wobbly. Especially after the intervals.

Total Calories Burned: 1650 (Ofcourse, this is based on what the machines say, can't be trusted)

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