Sunday, January 06, 2008

Passing People is Always Fun.

Today the weather was unseasonably warm so I took the bike out for a couple hours ride. I did the same loop from yesterday as a lot of it is fairly traffic free and thankfully there aren't too many hills. I really need to work on my climbing though because every little rise feels like I'm on the Alp D'Huez. It's kinda early in the season so I'm not that worried yet. If I'm still climbing like this in March I'm going to be really worried.

Anyway, I rode out around Liberty Dam, then out through who-knows-where into Howard County. After a stop to adjust my front derailleur, it's so damn finicky and started rubbing again, the real fun started. I made a turn and started up this hill when way up ahead I noticed another rider plugging away. I wasn't feeling so great myself, it was uphill and it is January, but I figured I'd catch him soon enough. As I got closer, I started to wonder if maybe it was a woman so I picked up the pace in order to blow by fast enough to demoralize the poor rider.

I was feeling pretty good about myself at this point as whoever it was didn't seem to have enough gas in the tank, or the desire, to keep me from passing. I came up along side and noticed it was a guy probably in his 60's, saying hi to him as I sped past, getting out of the saddle, standing on the pedals now,...

I was sooooo much hoping it was a younger guy, but hey, a pass is a pass right? Always Fun.

Today's Ride: 1hr:45min, easy with some out of the seat harder up the hills. 35 miles total. then went and did some lifting at the gym and took the girls swimming.

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