Monday, January 14, 2008

Miserable Weather, Back to the Gym.

The Girls didn't feel like going to the gym tonight (Too Cold Dad!) with me so I was all alone to fend for myself, which isn't so bad sometimes because I can get in and out quicker that way. It looks like the New Years Resolution Crowd is starting to thin, as I was able to get a treadmill (watch tv) over heading to the track. That Gladiator show was on with Hulk Hogan. The women on it looked pretty hot helping the time pass quickly. The treadmill for warm-up has the added benefit of Calorie Count/Elevation/Incline/Speed/Time for those who like to keep track of numbers. I do. Come February 1, I'll ease back on everything except the cycling, which will take the place of rowing/elliptical/treadmill work. That's the plan anyway.

Today's Workout: 30 minutes warm-up on the treadmill, 2 miles, 250 Calories. 35 minutes on the bike, I went pretty hard today, 660Cals for the first 30 minutes at 22mph avg. and 730 Calories total. 8 minutes rowing on the Concept 2, 90 Calories. 30 minutes and 630 Calories on the Elliptical.

Totals: 105 minutes. 1700 Calories Burned.

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