Friday, January 11, 2008

Ten Points: A Book Review.

Spoiler Alert: I won't spoil it for you.

I read an excerpt from this book by Bill Strickland of Bicycling Magazine last year and was hooked so I ran out and bought a copy. 

Ten Points is an Autobiographical look into the mind of a guy who's love for racing far surpasses his talent. He's a self professed fastest of the slow guys type of rider who's glimpses into the greatness of others in contrast to his own mediocrity is extremely entertaining. You see, he races in what is one of America's hotbeds of cycling where many National and World Champions live, Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley. As you can imagine, the learning experiences along the way and Strickland's genuine talent as a writer throw you right into the heat of the peloton.

Ten Points is much more than that though. Cycling and racing for Strickland are ways of balancing what always were and still are very complicated human experiences. Family, being a son, a husband, a father, friend and competitor are deftly interweaved by Strickland into what I found to be a book I just couldn't put down.  It's a good one and I highly recommend it to anyone who rides.

P.S. I wouldn't want to run into Animal near the end of a race!

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