Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mmmmmm Beer.

The Family and I drove up to Pennsylvania this weekend so I could put a new power steering pump on the car. I was getting tennis elbow from driving all week with no power steering at all.  I could overlook such a luxury, but my wife didn't think the benefit of an upper body workout was a good enough excuse to not fix the thing.

My brother had plans though when we got in the door at my parents. He wanted to go to the opening of a new brew pub in Berwick, PA called One Guy Brewing Company. So my dad, my brother and I piled in the car and went off to have a few beers, putting off working on the car until later is ALWAYS a good thing, especially for a cold beer. The beer was actually quite good and we enjoyed it. The tapping of the 1st Keg was really cool. My brother got a pic of the keg tapping so I'll post that when I get a copy of it.

I finally got the new, well, junkyard take-off, power steering pump on today around 3:30, filled it up with power steering fluid and it was still making a racket. We thought maybe it wasn't that after all and we basically just wasted our time. Turns out, once all the air got out of the lines the power steering smoothed out and it's as good as new now. Yippeeeee!  

We're all back home in Maryland now and I just finished my Sunday night Tour de Kitchen. Here's the lowdown.

Today's Training: 1 hour: 5 minutes. no intervals, just hammering away the whole time. Tomorrow is to the gym and back into the routine.  I wish I had my bike with me, and no power steering pump to put on because the weather was cold but nice all weekend. Overall though, a good time, especially the beer and seeing family.

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