Thursday, January 31, 2008

Looking Forward to the Weekend.

I have a weather gadget in the right column of this blog because I think anyone who rides, bicycles or motorcycles generally keeps a pretty tight handle on what's gonna happen outside for their next ride. I have to say, looking at the current radar map shows some nasty things happening to the west and north of us, so I'm hoping the weather guys are right when they say this is all going to clear out for the weekend.

It is kinda rough looking outside my office and seeing sunny skies though. Imagining all the pros, wanna be pros, trust fund babies, and just plain lucky ones out there working over the mitocondria in their legs and generally just lovin life. Ah well, maybe I should turn buddhist for the chance I can have days like this off in my next life.

Oh, hey, on another note, I hear the Slipstream Chipotle guys are training with Garmin 705's. Anyone up for hijacking a couple scrawny cyclists and taking their toys?

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