Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Girlie TIghts: Product Review!

Alright, I know what you are thinking. Girlie Tights? Let me explain. About a week ago I made a trip over to Performance Bike Shop not far from my house to look for a new pair of gloves and thermal tights so I could ride during the winter. Being a cheapskate, I used to wear long johns and sweats this time of year but it was right after Christmas, splurge on something nice for myself right? Besides, I have a Performance Member Card and can get an additional 10% off the "already marked down prices."

So I'm browsing around and spot these thermal tights with Chamois in size M, try them on. NICE FIT! I think to myself. I like the zipper up the bottom that helps when putting them on and everything. Damn I look good, thinking to myself there in the dressing room. Sold!

Well, last Saturday rolls around. I wake up late, the weather is beautiful, make some pancakes for the family while thinking, it's time to break out my new tights for a much needed ride.

I'm out there enjoying my ride, all the while thinking, why the hell didn't I buy these years ago? In fact, I love my new thermal tights with chamois and decide maybe I'll even write a review for TLR (the long ride) to share my revelation.

I'm sitting there at lunch break today, browsing performancebike.com for my spiffy new thermal tights with chamois and can't seem to find them anywhere. Hmmmmm, I gotta run home and get a model number off the tag and do a search. That's when I find out the thermal tights with chamois aren't in the men's clothing section. They are in fact, Women's Thermal Tights with Chamois! Oh great, I bought women's tights that I have fallen in love with.

Good thing nobody reads this blog or I'd probably get some ribbing over this.

My Scoring System: Women's Thermal Tights with Chamois, by Performancebike.com
  • Workmanship - 6/10, I did hear a slight tearing sound when I tried putting them on without first unzipping the cool zipper on one ankle. time will tell how they last.
  • Price - 8/10, They were on sale, I splurged, and am "A Member"
  • Fit - 10/10, I look mahvelous.
  • Style - 7/10, They aren't flashy, but it's what's inside the tights that counts.
Overall Score: 31 out a possible TLR Score of 40.

Would I buy them again? Not on your life, but hey, nobody reads this blog anyway so I'm gonna keep them and wear them proudly.


Kyle Jones said...

Do not worry I now read your blog. I did the same thing last year. I tried on some mens mediums and found that they were to small. And then decided to blindly grab some larges. When I got home I was putting these "larges" on and they did not fit as well as the mediums. To my discovery I just picked up Womens larges. The worst part was I had to return them embarrassed to the performance sales people. I will throw some people your way soon enough. Also I see you found the Heels on Wheels blog. I found a couple good pictures for my hump day. It is just the pics I got this week are a little bit more titillating.

John P. said...

Hey, you're my first commentator, that deserves a prize, how bout taking some slightly used women's tights off my hands, size M?

kiddin. Now get out and ride!