Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Plan: Gotta Have a Plan.

I was over reading Kyle's Pedalnaround Blog earlier and saw that he's now in his "Base 4" training phase for 2008. That got me to wondering about my own plan for 2008 and what I have to do. I've been reading Chris Carmichael's book on training and using it as a guide for my own 2008 plan. I believe that like all plans, we have to allow wiggle room to adjust here and there when when stuff happens; weather, family, work, you know the drill.

Another nice thing about having a plan and training log is that you have a frame of reference for how you're doing, compared to the plan itself, and last year, if you kept a log. I guess this is all obvious stuff, but I'll admit I never had a plan in the past, or a log for that matter. I just winged it going into the season with alot of miles, hills, some sprints here and there etc,... I guess the most important thing about the plan is that it keeps you focused.

Oh well, just a thought.

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